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Customer Login (WolfTracs)
You want to reward your members, but you want to reward them when they use the right products and services. You want PoinTracs.

PoinTracs is a relationship pricing program that rewards profitability. Remember, rewarded behavior is repeated. It'll teach your members to use and reuse the products and services you want them to use.

For every dollar your members pay in finance charge and every dollar they earn in dividends, they earn a point. And what do they do with points? They spend them... with you. They spend them to buy down loans or buy up CD rates. They spend them to waive fees or buy checks. They can even spend them to get an NSF fee reimbursed.

Here's how it works:
These dollars are converted to points through your MCIF or ACCESS database (or any program that can create a comma delimited flat file output) and then transmitted to the WolfTracs system where it is displayed via a web browser on your employee's desktop.

Advantages to buying PoinTracs vs. building it on your own:
  • It's already done. We can install in one day.
  • Is in no way dependent on or needs to interface with your proprietary system. One less conversion headache down the road.
  • It is a hosted site - no need to buy additional servers.
  • Takes about 5 minutes of training with staff to learn to use the debit/credit functions.
  • Shows a history of activity

    Why your employees will love PoinTracs:
  • It's an educator of services - when a member bounces a check, goes overlimit or generally screws up, you can offer to "fix" it for them with their points.
  • It's a service recovery tool - If you screw up on a member's account, fix the problem quickly by awarding points.
  • It's a relationship builder - Traditionally when a member complains, the first thing out of their mouth is "I've been a member for (insert number) of years". The points system rewards points based on length of membership. You set the value.
  • It's your marketing plan - There's no reason to offer teaser rates or special promotions. Instead, everything is tied to earning points.

    For more information, contact suzette@pointracs.com.
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