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A web system expands upon the original web site, adding enhanced functionality and expanded customer interaction. Below is a list of commonly requested upgrades available to our basic web site packages.

Integrated E-commerce
Probably one of the largest uses for web systems is the ability to automate the process of shopping for and purchasing products and services. With your pre-sales and store front activities being handled online your organization is left to only handle order fulfillment and post-sales customer service.

Event Registration, with or without e-commerce
A twist on the standard e-commerce system, allowing your customers to fill in event specific information as they go through the normal order process.

Location-based searching
Ideal for organizations with large membership directories looking for a simple way for customers to interact with such a large amount of information. You might want your customers to be able to find the nearest branch office, or participating provider within a service area.

Community Forums, either public or protected
This provides a chance for people to interact with other people utilizing your web site. Questions can be asked and answered anonymously, comments about specific issues can be debated publicly, just about any form of organization-to-client and client-to-client communication can be accommodated.

Membership Directories
Also designed for membership-based organizations, your customers can gain access to a list of contacts for agents, members, whatever information your organization needs to publish.

128-bit SSL page encryption
WolfPk is capable of providing 128-bit (1024-bit key) SSL-based encryption on any part of, or your entire, website. We use a global certificate from VeriSign, capable of providing 128-bit encryption to US (domestic) and non-US (international, traditionally 40/56-bit only) browsers.

User login/password protection
This allows for user-only sections of your web site, or the entire site if need be. Authentication is based on a standard LDAP setup.

Usually a combination of some/all of the above features. An intranet links together an entire organization, automating work-flow processes where need be and providing your customers with access to their information. An extranet expands upon this idea by giving access to vendors, agents/brokers, suppliers and other third parties.

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