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Regence Life and Health, a subsidiary of The Regence Group, announced today that the company is introducing an innovative Internet technology that transforms how it administers group benefit plans for small and large companies. The scope of this technology is much broader than that offered by many other companies since it allows "net based" services over such a broad spectrum of the company's processes from quoting new insurance to actually automating the month to month administration of insurance programs.

RegenceLifeWebBenefits is the name of the new Internet portal that will be used by the company's agents and brokers to apply for insurance coverage for their clients with from 2-9 employees. The web site will also be used by Regence Life's employer clients to administer their insurance programs.

"This new tool provides any time, anywhere insurance services to our agents, brokers and policyowners", according to Toni Ostrom, Manager Administrative Services for Regence Life. "Our goal is to have a system that automates many insurance transactions from applying for coverage to enrolling new employees in the plan and calculating how much premium to pay."

This unique technology was provided by WolfPk, a Portland based technology development and consulting firm. "The neat thing about this system" according to Toni Ostrom," is that it will do everything for the broker, agent and policyowner from one, easy to use Internet site."

"In addition to automating the insurance process for employers with 2 to 9 employees, RegenceLifeWebBenefits also makes sense for our large policyowners too. Employers with hundreds or thousands of employees can sign their employees up for benefits, update their records, calculate their premiums, get access to policy documents, and in general, make life easier for the human resource or benefits administration team", said Ostrom. Regence Life and Health stressed the security features provided by the technology. "We not only wanted to make life easier for our clients, we wanted to make sure that they are totally confident that the information they share with us is confidential," Ms.Ostrom pointed out.

The company's redesigned Internet presence and RegenceLifeWebBenefits portal is at www.regencelife.com. Regence Life and Health Insurance provides group life and disability insurance to employers in Oregon, Washington, Utah and Idaho.

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