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Suzette Palanuk Suzette Palanuk
Alpha Person

Suzette is a founder and president of WolfPk. She has twenty-five years of extensive experience working with Credit Unions in operations and as a vendor of data systems.

Joseph Palanuk Joseph Palanuk
Marketing and Sales

Joe's background includes over 17 years in healthcare management and thirteen years in the insurance and financial services industries. He has extensive knowledge of the healthcare delivery system. He has been an Account Executive with a leading HMO, and managed a successful start up PPO health Plan. He has negotiated hospital agreements with the leading Centers of Excellence in the country. His combined experiences allowed him to be a successful consultant with National employee benefits consulting firm. His vision continues to be providing healthcare providers with technology to create a more efficient industry.

Chris Davais Chris Davais
Programmer and Network Administrator

Chris' expertise is a combination of self-taught knowledge and experience working at Intel Corporation. He has 14 years of programming and is experienced in HTML, C/C++, AWK, JavaScript, Cold Fusion and database design. Chris developed WolfTracs enabling WolfPk to quickly and efficiently create and maintain their customer web sites.

Lee Torbert Lee Torbert
Web Site Designer

Lee designs and builds our web sites, using our own Wolftracs' Site Designer program, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. The emphasis of Lee's Bachelor of Arts degree is visual arts, including drawing, painting and photography.

Troy Torbert Troy Torbert
Project Manager

Arleen Payne Arleen Payne
PoinTracs Sales Manager

Arleen has worked in the credit union industry for 30 years. Her experience includes credit union management, marketing, accounting and lending. For the past 20 years she has worked first in sales and then as an account executive for EDS and Fiserv, two of the nation's largest credit union data processing vendors.
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