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Before building any online presence, a clear picture is needed of the client's objectives to define the business process and gather information.

Whether you are a small company or a large corporation and resources are not available internally, WolfPk can provide IT outsourced services and consulting agreements.

WolfTracssm makes us unique

WolfTracssm provides a heads start on developing an internet strategy. From simple web sites built in a matter of hours to complex administration systems built to compliment existing legacy systems.

WolfTracssm is a web-based database management system developed exclusively by WolfPk. WolfTracssm is the system used:

  • To deploy, manage and host our customer web sites
      As we design new web applications, and create new system enhancements, all of our customers benefit. As an example, many of our e-commerce clients have helped us create event registration, company stores, and inventory systems that benefit other customers.
  • Base system for our custom internet applications.
      For example, Regence Life and Health Insurance Company uses WolfTracssm as an online administration system providing connectivity between their administration and staff, internal representatives, member clients, and brokers or agents in a custom application for their specific plan designs. WolfTracssm provides an on-line report Wizard and database access for standard report writing.

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