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Intranets are internal networks that allow companies to organize and distribute information on a select basis. Many of our customers apply user ID and password protection to expand their website capabilities and to communicate employee or member only information.

An Intranet system is an ideal way to reduce costs associated with administration of non-core system information. Whether it is keeping track of department and branch locations, employee and dependent records, event registration, inventory, or important documents, our design team can help you become more efficient.

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Why Does Your Company Need an Intranet?
  • To centralize your company's information.
  • To create a networking infrastructure readily accessible to any business partner or employee.
  • To keep essential information readily available but secure from any unauthorized user.
  • To reduce the need for paper in the office while keeping information sharing easy and efficient.
  • To facilitate and lessen the cost of communication for multi-national companies. To provide a means of remote access to information for you and your staff.

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