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The complex nature of web development makes it fertile ground for miscommunications, faulty specifications and missed deadlines. Many problems arise because a developer doesn't understand the client's business. Our experience in a wide scope of projects has given us a rich expertise in Internet, intranet and extranet initiatives.

Combined with our time-tested development we are able to avoid common-and not-so-common-pitfalls. This assures our clients effective use of time, a clear focus on objectives, accurate cost estimates and on-time delivery.

Are you finally ready to begin the process of building a web site? WolfPk has the expertise to help make your web site an efficient, yet enjoyable experience.

Web site creation process:
    Determine your web site objectives
    Do you want a corporate presence on the Internet? Are you looking to provide information to existing clients? Do you want to sell products? Are you looking for new members?

    Create a layout of your web site
    Our goal is to create a well-organized site, that is easy to navigate and has attractive graphics.

    Graphic Design
    Once we determine your personal or corporate objectives, WolfPk begins creating graphics and incorporating colors and images that will make your website worth remembering. We provide our clients with access to a preview web site, so they can provide input and stay involved in the work process.

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